Working with us

Benefits of working here

  • Opportunities for promotion
  • Personal achievement
  • Build on skills and knowledge
  • New challenges
  • Satisfaction of caring for others
  • Free training - induction, refresher and specialist
  • 24 hour support for staff and clients
  • Staff discount scheme
  • Refer a friend bonus scheme

Why Work with Us?…

We are a person-centred organisation, and this is expressed in the way we support each other at work. With a range of roles available that are suitable for different work experiences, you are guaranteed to find a role suitable to your personality and your work experience.

Too often we underestimate the power of the smallest act of caring

J.C. Michael Groups’ is passionate about delivering high-quality domiciliary care. Domiciliary care involves having health care assistants/support workers visit our clients at their homes, supporting them with their daily needs and helping them towards maintaining their independence. If you decide to work with us, you will go through a four-day intensive induction training program where you will be equipped with the tools, skills, and mindset you will need to deliver high-quality care to our clients. The training takes place at our Stratford Branch office and is led by an experienced nurse trainer who would guide you through the knowledge and support you in the practical aspects that you will need for the job. Once you pass your training, you will be supported by your manager to learn on the job by shadowing experienced carers on the field until you are confident enough to take up the visits yourself.

J.C. Michael Groups’ is also passionate about providing quality end-of-life care. This care is fully personalised and takes into full consideration the wishes of the client. Our goal with end-of-life care is to help those who are in the last months or years of their life, to live as comfortably as possible before they die. We can provide the support needed to draft a comprehensive end-of-life plan that would reflect the clients’ wishes for how they want to live and die. Our senior carers are well-equipped to handle and provide quality end-of-life care. With years of experience supporting clients with similar plans, our senior carers will provide support by being sensitive to the needs of not just the clients, but everyone closely involved, knowing that this is a difficult period for them.

J.C. Michael Groups provide quality supported living care for individuals coping with complex and long-term health issues. We provide 24-hour care and support at your home, we ensure the individual’s comfort and safety by helping them cope with their health challenges and by encouraging them to maximise what they can do for themselves. Our supported living carers will ensure the individual maintains a consistent routine while living their lives how they wish to. Our supported living carers are fully trained, and they work with you to help you regain your independence and control by providing you with dignified support in your home.

What do our staff think?

I do not regret a thing having joined the health sector, I have gained adequate knowledge, skills and experience and built a good relationship with senior managers, fellow colleagues, frontline staff, clients and other associates within the health sector or other fields of work.

Staff A

“JCM Groups is a supportive and reliable employer to work for.”

LE - Staff

“Care can be many things: quiet, gentle, energetic, but above all else, it must be attentive.”

Staff Cara - HCA

Joining Our Company

If you would like to join our company as a Health Care Assistant or Support Worker, you do not need to have any previous experience in order to join. Anyone can become a great care assistant if they possess the right set of values and attitude and we are willing to provide you with the training you need to succeed in your role. We will provide you with support from the day you start working until you become confident in the quality of work you offer and even then, we continue to support you.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are keen and committed to working. Every day, our Health Care Assistants and Support Workers make a difference in the lives of people. Our job is to nurture your unique strengths and interests so that you can reach your full potential while supporting the people in our care to achieve their full potential.

Job roles at JC Michael Groups

We are always looking for staff for the following roles:

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What do our staff think?

“Care can be many things: quiet, gentle, energetic, but above all else, it must be attentive.”

Read Staff Cara’s story
What do our staff think?

“JCM Groups is a supportive and reliable employer to work for.”

Read LE’s story

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