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“I write to express my gratitude to the staff that have been caring for my grandmother.”

My gratitude to the staff

My grandmother is one of your service users and it is with great pleasure I sit to write this email. I write to express my gratitude to the staff that have been caring for her.

My grandmother is in her eighties and has lived in Newham for most part of her adult life. As my grandmother has got older, she has required some adult care services which I believe you carry out.

I have a very close relationship with my grandmother and up until your service took over, she had nothing positive to say about the carers. Since your taking over she has improved, she is more social, and her relationships with her children easier. I would like to mention, I have witnessed first hand the high quality care delivered by a carer of yours. This is noteworthy as my aunts, my mother and I, believe it to be second to none.

“JCM Groups is a supportive and reliable employer to work for.”

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The carer is a real credit to your organisation

The carers knowledge is incredible, but what strikes me most is the application. She undertakes all her caring practice with great care, and most importantly she treats my grandmother like the person she is which underpins her dignity. She also behaves with great modesty and tact when dealing with a family that doesn’t always get on. She is a real credit to your organisation.

I cannot stress enough how impressed we are by the carer. Prior to my current post I was a healthcare worker (and still continue to practice on an adhoc basis), I have delivered health care in the military, frontline ambulances and in hospitals, I can say without hesitation, I am greatly reassured knowing that the carer is my grandmother’s carer. She is a real credit to your organisation, but most importantly, she has and continues to, improve the quality of my grandmothers life.

Thank you for your service and please pass my regards to the carer.

R.L (granddaughter of T.L)

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