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“Approachable, friendly and helpful”

Working for a fantastic team

I used to work for another care company in London for a couple of years and I found the supervisors/care coordinators to not be very understanding and friendly. In contrast working for JCM was very different, they are approachable, friendly and helpful. During my time in JCM I had health and childcare issues and the company were very accommodating to provide me with the flexibility I needed to work around my appointments. I struggled with anxiety and the office staff were always reassuring to meet my needs and I am grateful for that. I love the company, my working environment is great and I have no worries about anything. All the staff are friendly, they are always smiling and welcoming. 

“JCM Groups is a supportive and reliable employer to work for.”

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“I write to express my gratitude to the staff that have been caring for my grandmother.”

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What do our clients think?

"Mr H's top priority was to carry on his passion for music by attending a related college course, he was successful at securing a place and continues to attend college and enjoy his passion."

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