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“I have worked for JCM for 3 years”

I have worked for JCM for 3 years

Hi, I am Prajitha and I have worked for JCM for 3 years as a field care coordinator. This means I visit various clients to undertake assessments and reviews and then write up person-centred care plans and risk assessments describing how best to manage and meet their care needs. I also conduct spot checks and competencies on carers and ensure they are up to date with their training to enable them to continuously provide high levels of care to our clients.

I love my job and making a difference to people’s lives. I enjoy visiting my clients and checking on their wellbeing and ensuring the care we provide meets their needs.

"Great, informative training"

Staff Femi - HCA

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“I do not regret a thing having joined the health sector, I have gained adequate knowledge, skills and experience and built a good relationship with senior managers, fellow colleagues, frontline staff, clients and other associates within the health sector or other fields of work.”

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What do our clients think?

“Mrs JC's Daughter; Mum's carers are professional, kind and they make her happy and make her laugh. We are happy with quality of care receiving from JCM.”

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