AC's Story

“Carers are kind and caring, I would not have been able to get by without the support I receive from JCM carers.”

During a review, the social worker was very flattering towards JCM Groups

AC’s social worker was very flattering towards J.C. Michael Groups about the quality of care that we delivered to client AC, she said we are very good, all of our clients she has reviewed have got positive comments to say about us. She also added that even her colleagues praise our agency all the time, whenever they have a client from our agency to review, they are happy to do it as they already know that there will be no concerns/issues or complaints compared to other agencies. Also that the office staff always respond to their queries swiftly. Keep up the good work.

Promoted from carer to Care Coordinator

Staff K - Care Coordinator

What do our clients think?

“Mrs T's family are very happy with the care she receives and how well we handled her increasing needs.”

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What do our clients think?

“RB's wife; Very happy with the carers (O, G and M), they are respectful and kind. They also encourage RB with his speech."

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